Who We Are

We at Evologic maintain a culture of problem orientation and scientific thinking whenever possible. Decisions are made based on experience and observations. Every experiment results in a learning, whatever the outcome. If you see yourself in a working environment like this, we’d love to welcome you on our team.

Options to Contribute


Master thesis / Service contract

AMF, a symbiotic fungus supports plants by increasing their fertilizer efficiency. Evologic Technologies is developing a new Bioprocess for AMF production that will enable its use in agriculture. The product quality is a key element for the success of the AMF product. In spite of this fact, todays established methods are not suitable to give information about AMF quality. We aim at setting new standards for AMF analytics by establishing a time efficient, robust and simple method.

Evologic has developed a concept to capture high-resolution, large format images with a depth of field of 50mm. (by Z-stacking, deep focus fusion) During your paid service contract, you correspond with experts, chose the fitting hardware, plan the prototype and build it. Within a short trial period, you test the prototype with your coworkers. Subsequently, the Imaging process should be mostly automated, documented and all valuable info is handed over.

  • Participation in a SpinOff (Gumpendorferst. 19) of the TU Wien, in close proximity to the TU campus
  • Contract: Service Contract, the Prototype is being paid for. Rough estimation of time needed: 80h between 06/2018 and 08/2019
  • Flexible timing, if desired as a master thesis
  • Flat-rate payment, (min. 1000€) + bonus for successful prototype (500€), more possible

  • Advanced student of Electrical engineering/ mechatronics/ mechanical engineering
  • Experience with imaging methods/ automation are beneficial
  • Technically and scientifically motivared
  • Team oriented
  • Flexible