Investor Relations

For advancements in the sector or white/green biotechnology and bioengineering it needs more than a desk a PC and a chair. This differentiates us in regard of capital demand from the common IKT SpinOff but facilitates comprehensive IP protection measures, which constitute the basis for the intrinsic value of our technology development. Our business model once was called a business model of the old economy by a renowned Business Angel.

We believe this is correct, but we are motivated by the perspective of establishing the foundation for physical products which have the potential to help us grow into a sustainable future.


Current Investors

The current majority shareholders are still the founders who are holding approx. 70% of the shares.Investors and mentors are and have been a Business Angel of the Vivida Beteiligungs GmbH, an early stage VC, Fritz Mauthner GmbH & Co KG, a seed trader and RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG/BayWa, two major seed distributors in whole Europe.

Current need for capital

We are currently looking to raise capital from an investor with experience in bioprocess engineering and scale up in order to finance the process scale-up to 15m3 production scale. If our venture fits your scope please contact for further information and to initiate discussions.